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This opener is installed directly to the torsion bar of the sectional door, leaving your garage ceiling clear for storage space or simply rail free for aesthetics.

Super fast, quiet and feature packed with safety beams, deluxe wall control, auto close and connections for the optional battery back up included.  This opener is an ideal choice for any sectional door up to 16.5m

Soft Start/Stop Function

The MJ3800 is equipped with Soft Start/Stop technology, designed to ensure smooth and quiet door operation.

Accessories Included

This opener features two hand-held mini transmitters deluxe wall control, IR Beams, solenoid lock and wireless wall button.  Illustrations

are provided in the ‘Kit Contents’ section.


Automatically closes door after a pre-determined delay time. Requires installation of IR Beams – supplied.

Additional safety feature

To ensure the highest level of safety possible the MJ3800 is supplied with a cable tension monitor which prevents the opener operating if the

door’s safety cable has insufficient tension.

Electric locking

For additional peace of mind this opener is supplied with a solenoid lock which automatically locks the door when it is closed and releases on


Standard Merlin safety features

Automatic Safety Reverse

With its automatic safety function your garage door will stop and reverse automatically if obstructed going down or stop if obstructed

going up.

Automatic Force Sensing

Equipped with automatic force sensing, with each operation the garage door opener monitors and adjusts the force needed to open your

garage door.

Manual Release

In case of power failure you can simply activate the manual release to open your garage door.


Backed by a full 2 year / 5,000 cycle unit warranty and 5 year /15,000 cycle motor warranty* we stand behind our

products with an after sales support team and service that we believe to be the best in the industry. We can offer this

warranty because of our global quality standards, manufacturing quality and continuous improvement processes.

*Conditions Apply

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